How it all began

The year 1992 saw the foundation of Zebra under the brand name Zebra Elektrotech Ltd. Eight people strong , we set about making our mark as Engineer and Contractor. A dashing advertising campaign put us on the map from the start. Shortly thereafter, we decided to specialize. Industrial electrical engineering was to have our full attention from then on, with special focus on the more complex solutions for energy management and systems control.

Things get busy!

Soon, some very interesting clients started coming in with all kinds of requests, mainly from the Flushing area in the Netherlands. To handle the surge, we hired more staff and the company grew to twenty people. The rest of The Netherlands and then Germany started to catch on with clients coming in from places we hadn't ever heard of. Zebra Electrotech changed into Zebra Industrial Projects Ltd, to better express what had become our core competence.

Adventure knocks: Special Projects

The year 1997 promised a sister for Zebra in the form of Zebra Special Products Ltd. Under this new flag, we made the leap to Asia, to set up development projects in various countries. Zebra Special Products continues today to roll out initiatives that contribute to a better life for local communities. The first years we were operating exclusively in Indonesia, later other countries were covered in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Structure for growth

Some projects under our Special Products flag required local representation. We opened a palm oil factory in Indonesia, for example, where local farmers could have their fruit pressed in a certifiably sustainable manner. Such branches needed to have a good bedding under a worldwide umbrella, which called Zebra Holding into being. This holding company can now easily incorporate any and all of Zebra's subsidiaries: a house with room to grow comfortably in.

Placement agency

And grow we did, with 2006 the year in which Zebra Industrial Contracting & Engineering (ICE) was put together. This placement agency for engineers offers experienced colleagues to clients for the short and longer term. All staff at Zebra ICE have been directly employed by us since we started, allowing us to stay in the know about everyone's experience and capabilities. That detail sets us apart from the competition - something we've seen reflected in ICE's fast growth.

The future

At Zebra, we expect great things for the years to come. Do keep track of events on our website as they happen! but whichever new initiatives we deploy, service and quality will remain our top priority. To that we stay true - whether our team counts eight people, or eighty.