Furniture factory in Indonesia

ACE Indonesia had a vision: to create design furniture for the international market. The company is located close to their natural resource of choice (sustainably grown timber), and wages among the workforce can be kept comfortably low. What was lacking was the knowledge of international market and the technology to create the remarkable models that came out of design. Zebra saw a commercially interesting project and chose to invest.

Worldwide exports

Beautiful designs in sustainable timber wood. ACE Indonesia took these ingredients to create furniture for the Indonesian market. But sales were too low to render a financially healthy company. Expand to survive, was the creed. But how? Zebra brought special equipment in from Italy to produce quality furniture and sent technical experts to the factory to help bring production underway.

Glorious future

The experience Zebra has with the European market made it possible to successfully introduce ACE in Nederland, England and Poland. Production shot upwards and a few years saw the company grown from 20 to 80 employees. Employment in this region has also benefited enormously.

From waste to electricity

Zebra has long since reaped the returns on its investment and ACE can continue its glorious future as a healthy company. Yet the cooperative effort continues. A study is currently underway to turn wood residues to electricity. It would save the factory 80,000 liters of diesel oil a year. A fine result for company and the environment.