Medical Waste Incinerators Uganda

If you think of issues Africa, you probably think of Aids and HIV projects. During our work in this continent our employees in Sierra Leone and Uganda often came across families who lost family members to this disease. At first glance it seems a technical projects company doesn’t have much more to offer to combat this problem than financial aid, but that feeling changes when you see local hospitals simply dump used gauze and needles from HIV-infected patients on a pile and burn it maybe once a month. All this infected material is exposed and dangerous for insects and small children. So it’s time for action!

Together with our partner Thermoheat we made a small and affordable incinerator for medical waste. It’s very important that it reaches very high temperatures so metal needles also completely oxidize and thus “burn”. All this without added fuel to make it affordable for smaller hospitals.

We sponsored two incinerators and built it with local contractors so the knowledge to expand this to more hospitals is available locally. The specific heat-resistant clothing can then be provided by us.