We choose results over the more narrow idea of profits. The projects we launch under ZEBRA SPECIAL PRODUCTS are there to improve the quality of life of people in developing countries. And that brings us much more than we can express in any currency. But ZEBRA needs to focus on healthy results just like any organization. We just replace the third P in the Planet, People, Profit mantra with Prosperity.

Pollution, wasted energy and mountains of trash. Put short, this is what we're up against with our projects. Take the new, efficient way to produce palm oil we developed. Its installations produce more, but draw 75 percent less power. Recycled waste flows generate power: waste water as well as organic solid waste. This approach is typical for our project portfolio.

Food, electricity and water. in many countries these basic needs remain a luxury. Hydroelectric power plants in rivers generate electricity for small communities. Where there used to be pitch darkness at night save a few inefficient, unsustainable, expensive and loud generators, there is now energy. Water treatment plants bring clean drinking water. All of these improvements are much needed: the countries we work in often see child mortality rates of over 25 percent because of contaminated drinking water. Palm oil projects help local farmers get more from their plantations and sell their produce at better prices.

At ZEBRA SPECIAL PRODUCTS, we prefer to talk about prosperity rather than profit. As a company, financial health is important, but we're also in it for the prosperity of those in the countries where we work. They should be better off afterwards - with ourselves no worse for wear either. That's the idea. Once a project has gone into operation and has started turning a profit, we invest that money into new initiatives. By investing in projects ourselves, we gain the confidence of new investors.